Come on in and hear all about the movie, the book, the author, the producers and directors!  Oh yes!  You have to meet the actors involved!  You are in for a most exciting ride!  The movie itself will bring you intense emotions...tears of laughter and tears of joy!  Tears of sadness and tears of disappointment. But you'll also find yourself rooting for many characters in many situations, and cheering for the victories that you feel so very much a part of! 

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As you dig into the pages of the website, you'll get to know the people involved that made In The Garden come to life!  You will get to know the characters and what their dreams are, what their weaknesses and strengths are. You'll get a glimpse into the actors' minds that portray each character & see what they brought to life to give that character the "special" dynamics that you love!


As you scroll through the pages of the website, you'll get to know the author of the novel, In The Garden. Be sure to click on the Christal Kahles page! She has an amazing story!  You'll read about the ministry that was born many years before the novel was published, whereby the SEED for miracles, hope, faith and dreams coming true was planted! Boot Camp Ministries played a deep role in the lives of many people involved in the movie, as well as those who you won't see in the movie. But don't skip that page because you might just miss an upcoming event, a miraculous story, or  testimonies of people that started in Boot Camp at the age of 4!

Wow! Do we have the stories for you!  There is nothing you won't find on this website that SOMEWHERE you are inspired!  If you've ever been told NO to a dream... ever been in pain... broken... disabled... had special needs... felt like you couldn't take one more step... If you've ever had to fight for the victory... cheered someone else on to victory.... had a best friend... a sibling... a missing parent...  If you've ever wondered if God was on your side... cried yourself to sleep... been made fun of... stood up for the one that was bullied... or just plain cried out to God....

If you've EVER HAD ANY OF THOSE EXPERIENCES, YOU'LL FIND HOPE IN THE UPCOMING PAGES OF THIS WEBSITE.  You'll be inspired by the novel and the upcoming movie of IN THE GARDEN!

Thank you for visiting. We hope you sign up for our Fan Club so we can send you emails on updates about the production of the movie and its release date.  Right now we are in the process of seeking the funding to bring this powerful and uplifting film to the screen. We have the screenplay submitted in many upcoming film festivals, on (where investors, directors and producers go to seek out screenplays), and we're in current discussions with several parties who have interest in Co-Producing! Therefore we appreciate your support and prayers as we work vigorously to bring this story to film, and this film to a theatre near you! It is our belief that lives will be changed and hope restored through this amazing, heartwarming...female driven film IN THE GARDEN!

We'll be sending out updates and notes about/from those who are working on the movie as we get them!  And some lucky fans will even get spoilers at different times! Thank you for supporting all of us here at IN THE GARDEN!   God bless each and every one of you!